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Happy Monday & Happy Halloween:)I have the perfect blog for today! Parker graduated from his watch me grow plan with a Halloween themed cake smash and it was adorable! Before we dug into the cake we grabbed some outdoor family shots and these three are always amazingly photogenic and perfectly dressed!

Happy first birthday Parker!


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Yay! 2 blogs in the heart of busy season! Can I officially call myself a blogger? Maybe not quite since I was hoping to start off by blogging every Monday so that you know when to expect it, can follow along and I can hopefully brighten up your Mondays with gorgeous pictures BUT I decided its better to blog off schedule than not at all so just do me a favor and pretend its Monday!

These guys are a few of my favorites. Last year we did a beach session and this year we mixed it up with a fall shoot. Both years Dad and Harper knocked it out of the park with adorableness on their shot! I think it may be my favorite from the session although…. that gorgeous family shot in black and white is a close second, cant you just feel the love?!?!







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Fall for a family photographer is like April for an accountant! We have our normal newborn & milestone sessions but then we get slammed with Family Sessions as well. Fall is not only gorgeous (especially in New England) but its also the time when things have settled down from the craziness of Summer with BBQs and vacations each weekend and people start thinking about holiday cards!

I am telling you this for two reasons-

  1. Hug a Photographer this fall! If you don’t hug one, at least go easy on us. I promise you we are working overtime to get you your images on time!
  2. Book early next year! Throughout the year I typically book 2-3 months in advance but if you are looking to book a fall session it wont hurt to reach out even earlier so I can guarantee you a spot! Especially if you need a weekend. Weekend spots have been filled up for months now and I am working every single weekend this season!

Even though this is busy season, I am determined to start blogging more! It is sooooo hard for me to choose one favorite to post as a sneak peek on social media! Now that I am putting together Gabby’s blog, it was actually still hard to narrow it down to 10 (there is actually 11- oops!). I also know that clients want to see more and potential clients want to see recent work! So while I cant guarantee that I will be blogging every session right out of the gate, I am starting slow and hoping to get there some day!

Miss Gabby was back for the second year in a row and she nailed it once again! Toddlers can be tough to photograph and she made this session so easy on me! Here are a few of my favorites-

fall photo 1PINIMAGEfall photos 2 (2)PINIMAGEfall photo 2PINIMAGEfall photo 3PINIMAGEfall photo 4PINIMAGE

fall photo 5PINIMAGE

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I can’t even tell you how happy opening day at Fenway Park makes me every year! Its a sure sign that Spring is on the way, even if its chillier than it should be. For me, this day is an automatic mood booster! Spring is coming and I can feel it in the (chilly) air:)

Mr. Jack returned for his sitter session and let me tell you…. I see A LOT of happy babies every week but this guy takes the cake. He was ALL smiles!

redsox 6 months 1PINIMAGEredsox 6 months 2PINIMAGE5PINIMAGEsuper man 6 months 1PINIMAGEsuper man 6 months 2PINIMAGENerd 6 months PINIMAGE6 month smilesPINIMAGE

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