Maggie Jill Photography » Maggie Jill Photography is a natural light studio and on-location photography service specializing in newborn, milestone and family photography

My website is finally updated!!!! This is such a great feeling, I can’t even begin to describe! When I first started my business, I knew I need to create a website, so I threw one together with some of my very first pictures and I basically neglected it after that! When potential clients would ask for my site I would cringe at the the thought of them seeing such an out dated site and pictures that didn’t show my growth and current style! I can honestly sleep so much better at night knowing that I have a fabulous site that truly represents my style and showcases my current work! I have such a long list of business related updates to make and this was top priority for SO LONG but something that just consumed too much time. I finally decided to outsource and it really saved my life! When I was underwater devoting far too many hours to it and not able to focus on other super necessary business goals, I could sleep knowing it was getting done behind the scenes. Now its done and I’m able to devout more time to other business related projects and I’m proud to show off my new site! Go check it out!


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