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Mason’s Newborn Session


When Mason was born, his Mom asked if we could chat over the phone because there were some unexpected complications that she wanted to talk through. I’m ALWAYS happy to have a phone call with a client, but honestly, I dont get that request too often and as soon I saw the email I was worried. The first thing she said when I called was “I’m sorry in advance if I cry…”, that already had me in tears on my end. She had spoken 7 words and I was already crying (I will say that I’m pretty sure she didn’t know this, I think I fronted with professionalism).

I can’t tell you her exact words (probably because of the tears I was trying to hide on my end) but she told me that Mason was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. She told me that there were a lot of unknowns and that they were still waiting on a lot of answers. After filling me in briefly on what Treacher Collins is, she talked about how incredibly in love she was with him already, how perfect he was and how she wanted nothing more than a very typical life for him in every way possible- including a newborn photoshoot. Its hard to explain how many emotions I felt from her in what was ultimately a pretty quick phone call…. I could tell that although she was scared, she was VERY strong. It was week 1, and I could tell that this little boy was loved an amount that I am certain I have never felt in my life time. I knew she was overwhelmed but so, so, determined. I knew she was sad but not in a way that meant she didn’t love him with every ounce of her… in a way that just meant she knew his road was going to be harder than most. I knew that she was really proud…. maybe all new Moms are proud, but this was different- she knew that he was incredibly special (spoiler alert- he is!).

So we got off the phone and I watched the movie Wonder (with Julia Roberts) that night. Its about a little boy with Treacher Collins syndrome and I LOVED it. I loved the message in the movie, I loved the little boy in the movie, I loved the story line. I honestly just loved it! I thought about our conversation and I thought about the movie A LOT over the next few weeks (our session didn’t happen right away between combo of his complications and COVID 19). Every time I thought about his session, I just knew I had to get right. I wasn’t worried about any restrictions, my ability to adapt to his needs, or anything like that. I just wanted his parents to be as comfortable and relaxed as any new parents (maybe thats not overly comfortable and relaxed, but you know what I mean). I wanted his session to be as typical as any other because I knew how much that meant to them.

Well his session wasn’t typical. It wasn’t typical because 2 minutes in I fell in love with all of them. Let me just tell you that 12 weeks in this world and Mason already has an amazing personality! He’s so easy going, but knows what he wants. He definely ran the show, but not in an annoying or needy way. In a way that said “Listen lady, you can take my picture, but I’m gonna call the shots on how and when”. This probably seems like something people just say, but I PROMISE YOU, I can tell that this kid is going to do big things. He’s going to be so incredibly sweet and have such a kind heart but also have no problem standing up for himself if he needs to. It’s clear as day at 12 weeks, I swear! You don’t have to guess where he gets it… his parents are so loving and so laid back but so ready to fight for anything Mason needs!

I could write forever but I just dont think there are words to convey how amazing this little boy is and how incredibly loved he is. I’m sad that Mason has tough obstacles in his future, I wish he didn’t have to face some of the challenges that he already has, and others that are unavoidable (he already has two surgeries under his belt and will definitely endure more). But I am not worried about him one little bit, because like I said, I know he’ll do big things and I know that he has THE MOST loving and supportive parents who would literally go to the end of the world for him.

It was so hard to choose just a couple images from his session to share because I love every single one, but here are a few of my favorites-

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