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5 Things I wish I Knew When I Started My Business


This feels like the age of entrepreneurs. Each day on my news feed I see someone who took the plunge or is considering taking the plunge into starting their own business! I’m FAR from a pro when it comes to business and still feel like I’m just starting out in so many ways but I’ve learned a ton over the last few years and I wish I had more resources as I navigated my way so I’ve decided to share some of my journey over here. Starting your own business can be lonely and if I can help one person build their business a little more efficiently or save someone a headache that I experienced then I’m happy to help! If you come here for the cute baby pictures and don’t care about my journey then don’t worry, these blogs will be clearly labeled as business related and the babies will be much more frequent!

So how should we start? Well an appropriate way to jump in seems like to talk about the 5 things that no one told me when I started my own business. If you’re thinking of starting out or just recently started out, read below, and consider yourself warned!️

1. You will work more than ever before! Maybe you’re like me and thought your own business would be a good way to make your own hours, give you certain days off, spend more time with your family etc. This may be the case when you have become VERY established, successful, and automated but trust me when I tell you the hours you will put in to get there are INSANE. I’m three years in and don’t feel anywhere near having more time on my plate!

2. You’re really taking on two jobs! I started this journey in photography and quickly learned that although photography is my “job”, there is a second, even bigger “job” that I jumped into as well…. Business Owner!! I enjoy the business aspect of this journey but that was by chance. I had no idea how hard it would be to navigate the legal, financial and customer service aspects of a business, just to mention a few!

3. It’s lonely! Although my fellow local photographers and I plan meet ups as often as we can and even have group chats to support each other (sometimes daily) at the end of the day 90% of this job is done alone. I can’t walk to the next cubical and see what my coworker is up to tonight, I have no one to eat my lunch with and there’s no team meeting to talk about what’s on my plate for the week.

4. If you’re anything like me, YOU will get put on the back burner. I work out less, eat worse and my stress level is often through the roof!  It seemed, taking this leap, it would be so much easier to make time for myself (but see bullet #1) it hasn’t happened! I find myself working during football games (I’m writing this as the Pats are off to an ugly start). My laptop comes on every “vacation” and I haven’t worked out in months.

5. You’re probably feeling discouraged and thinking why would I do this?!? Well the challenges mentioned above are real, and they are hard to navigate but starting this business is also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Each compliment I get on my work, each client that hangs a canvas on their wall, each return customer… there is no better feeling than that of making a difference in someone’s life. Creating art that will be passed down for years to come is an indescribable feeling. Each year that passes and every small step my business takes in the right direction makes all the hard work more than worth it! If I had to take the leap again would I? Absolutely! I would make this decision every day, time and time again! But I do wish I knew how hard the road would be.

So, if you are just starting your journey into photography or any business for that matter, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. I’d love to help you navigate your way!

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